Interferential Therapy using portable electronic pain devices with Interferential Technology is an affordable and simple method of increasing results in pain relief.

The affordable and portable nature of Interferential Therapies make them attractive to pain sufferers while also offering them an effective and efficient way to reduce pain and decrease the chances of future pain.

Using specialist frequencies of electrical impulses applied to the body through electrode pads, Interferential Machines or Devices penetrate the muscle and nerve tissue to interfere with pain sources enabling the pain to be relieved and assisting the body in recovery.

Interferential Technology has been adopted by many health industry professionals to assist sufferers of pain and injuries to help them in recovering from injuries and afflictions.

Fuji Abstract: The article was produced by Fuji after extensive research in to how and why Interferential Technology works to repair tissue damage and stimulate muscle growth


Interferential Electro-Therapy uses electrical pulses to stimulate nerves and muscles in the body, to help relieve pain, Electro Therapy was first developed with the introduction of TENS machines, TENS means Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation, and basically an electrical pulse is transmitted through the skin layers using a frequency modulated sine wave.

However TENS uses a frequency modulation that causes some resistance when trying to pass through  the skin layer, this can result in an unpleasant feeling to achieve any possible benefit.

Interferential machines have a much stronger carrier sine wave that allows it to pass through the skin easier, the sensation is more pleasant and comfortable than TENS. Also because the signal is stronger it penetrates much deeper than TENS, giving a better and longer lasting effect.

The reason Interferential works so well is that by crossing the electro-leads the two currents produced by each channel actually Superimpose with each other to create a pulse beat that penetrates deep into the muscle and tissue.

Tens technology does not have this capability. It could be reasonably argued that Interferential goes beyond TENS technology.


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What Users Are Saying About Interferential Technology:

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Heather from Caboolture QLD (31 y/old)

I am 31 and I suffer from chronic pain due to Fibromyalgia and Sacroiliitis (the inflammation of a joint inside my pelvis). I have been using the INF 4160 for about a year and a half and love it, it is even more effective than a massage.

t was given to me by my Sister in law (who is extremely happy with hers as well) and have been singing its praises since. Over the years (since I was about 15) I have seen a number of chiropractors (who apparently made my condition worse, before we discovered what it was) and Physio's (who charge through the nose and usually only use their own version of this machine and a hot/cold pack on me). I do not have a driver’s licence so it is fantastic not to have to keep appointments half way across town.

I have 2 small children who need me to do a lot of bending over and picking up, it is really good to have something that I can just clip onto my clothing and keep doing what i need to without the pain, or after a hard day it is nice to sit and relax and buzz my pain away.

Also my Husband put his back out this week painting a ceiling, and was in excruciating pain until he decided to give my INF a try. He was able to go to work (as a mechanic) and work through it, coming home and putting the machine on again after work. After 2 days he is almost 100% again.

Michelle from Wynnum Qld. (28 y/o)

Dear sir,

I have been using the INF4160 interferential unit for well over 12 months now and wanted to let you know how much it has improved my well-being. Since my teenage years, I have suffered with various neck, shoulder, back and hip complaints which were caused by both musculo-skeletal issues and external factors such as sporting injuries and rsi.

Over the years, I have spent thousands of dollars and dozens of hours visiting physios, chiropractors, myotherapists and acupuncturists in a bid to control the symptoms; some have been more effective than others, but in the end they all cost me an arm and a leg both financially and time-wise. An acquaintance introduced me to interferential therapy last year; I had received similar treatments at my physio and found it beneficial, so figured that it was worth a try. The first time I used the unit my neck had seized up and I was suffering a blinding headache (in addition to being unable to turn my head).

After 15 minutes, the tension had eased sufficiently for me to regain partial movement and a subsequent treatment later that evening freed up my neck further and my headache disappeared. Had I followed my usual course of action, I would have paid 3-4 visits to my physio before feeling normal again.

After my initial success, I decided to try the unit out on my hip, lower back and right shoulder (which is temperamental owing to my constant computer use), and found the unit highly effective in both alleviating my symptoms and treating the problems which were causing them.

The fact that the unit is highly portable and can be used at any time has also been a boon; as a young mother with small children and as a working professional, I am constantly on the go and don't always have the time to attend appointments.

Being able to treat myself at home, the office or while out and about is incredibly convenient. Thank you for making such an effective, inexpensive solution available to the general public!

Yours faithfully,


Phyllis from Manly Qld (83 y/o)

Following two spinal operations after having been run over by a car five years ago while crossing a road on a pedestrian crossing, living in extreme pain became a daily reality of my life. I was referred to many doctors and specialists in an attempt to find a treatment to alleviate the pain but nothing worked.

I also tried physiotherapists and I even gave meditation a try, but I got absolutely no relief from the constant pain I lived with, finally I was told that nothing more could be done for me and I have been going to a Pain Relief Clinic at one of the local hospitals on a regular basis ever since.

However, I have not really had any benefit from those visits, a couple of months ago a friend suggested I try the INF 4160, I was prepared to give it a try as I was living with constant pain at the time and I had become severely depressed, the results were remarkable and immediate!

It was the first time I had had any relief from pain in over five years and I felt like a miracle had taken place in my life, I have been using the machine ever since and I am now living with much reduced levels of pain and have ceased taking any other forms of pain medication.

My mobility has increased dramatically and, whilst my condition cannot be cured, my quality of life has improved out of sight!! and my depression has lifted completely. I would recommend the INF 4160 to anyone who suffers chronic pain as I can honestly say that purchasing one of these machines has changed my life.

Shirley from Manly West Qld. (75 y/o) I am a 75 year old lady who was recently diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis in my right hip and leg, the diagnosis was finalised after months of doctors and specialist visits with expensive CT & MRI Scans being done. I could not sleep on that side as it was very painful and I needed to get into a certain position to get comfortable,

I was in a great deal of pain when walking as well and was unable to play my social tennis due to the pain in my leg, hip and also in my hands and elbows. After using the Interferential machine a few times I found the pain was easing and I can now sleep throughout the night without being woken by pain, I can now also freely walk and play tennis without the pain in my hip and leg, the pain in my wrists and elbows is also readily eased when I use the Interferential machine after playing tennis.

This Interferential Machine has certainly given me a better pain free quality of life without drugs and for a reasonable one off price, No more doctors & specialists appointments’ or drugs for me. I now treat myself in my time in the comfort of my home, no more doctors’ appointments, I would certainly recommend anyone trying the machine for ease of Arthritis pain or symptoms.

I wish someone had advised me earlier that these machines were available.

Shirley Manly West Qld.