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Welcome To Wellness Care Australia

Wellness Care’s Directors, Wayne and Bronwyn Reilly have a combined skill base, in medical research of more than 60 years, and when combined with their numerous Tertiary and Professional qualifications they position Wellness Care at the forefront of Complementary Medicine education. They are the founders of QLD Thermal Imaging, Go Natural Biz and Coorparoo Integrated Health Care and First established Wellness Care Australia in 1997 to communicate up-to-date and accurate information in the complementary medicine, all three Businesses together make up the bulk of Wellness Care Australia's Primary business practice's.

Wellness Care Australia now owns Electronic Pain solutions so come on by our new store, right here on this website!!

Here at Wellness Care Australia we strive to Deliver the Best service possible.

To contact Wellness Care Australia please email us at: admin@wellnesscareaustralia.com